Kate Brodock, Out and About

Life. So it goes.

Survived the snow. Here’s to spring! (at Casa Rural y Finca de Hops)
Spring is coming so why not pretend it’s summer! (at In The Woods)
Hey, who knew ladies time can still happen :-) thank you!   (at Casa Rural y Finca de Hops)
This. Was in. My dog’s foot. Holy. Crap.  (at Casa Rural y Finca de Hops)
I’m sitting in the back seat of my own car and realizing that I have the AP Stylebook back here… Healthy?
Oh Robert, and your wonderful family, so SO nice to see you again!!  (at Westcott Theater)
Burritos before Robert Randolph!!!  (at Alto Cinco)
#throwbackthursday for you. Fun creek time, the way life should be.
I may not have gotten this in time for #SXSW but thank you @esteelauder for this wonderful care package, it’s still great to come home to! (at Casa Rural y Finca de Hops)
So that’s how big Shaq is. He had to sit in the front of the cab. #sxsw